Best Restaurant in Cyprus – Il Buchetto

Il Buchetto is a best restaurant in Cyprus Pissouri Bay, has a variety of food and drink establishments – with tavernas, bars, an Indian restaurant and a even a smoothie shop; however, what we realised it did need was an affordable quality Italian restaurant, open for lunch and dinner, so we brought our little trattoria to the Bay.


About Cyprus


From Cyprus’ Colourful Past to its Beautiful Beach Life

Close your eyes and think of Cyprus. Images of long, sunshine-filled days and stunning shorelines are no doubt conjured before your eyes.

While it is true that few holidaymakers can resist the allure of Cyprus’ year-round sunshine and ‘beach life’ living, the island’s rich and colourful history emerges from the shadows of its traditional villages and archaeological ruins to truly capture the hearts of first-time visitors, inspiring a want to return again and again in a bid to intimately acquaint themselves with Cyprus in all of its glory.

A multi-faceted jewel sparkling in the azure seas of the Mediterranean, meet Cyprus and all it has to offer:


Cyprus’ Natural Attractions

The area of Pissouri in Limassol, and the Paphos region sprawling out across the west coast of the island, are abundant with organic beauty and captivating landscapes populated by a diverse range of flora and fauna. The rolling, verdant land is home to many colourful orchids, with the richness of the soil providing wonderful growing conditions for many other flowers, trees and a multitude of crops. Nature lovers can wander tirelessly in the foothills of the majestic Troodos Mountains, and a serene stroll along one of the island’s beaches may even afford a glimpse of nesting Griffon vultures.

Whether explored by foot or by bike, Pissouri and the surrounding villages are at once captivating and inspiring, with the azure seascape and lush forests giving way to natural wonders like Petra tou Romiou, the mythological birthplace of the Goddess of love, Aphrodite, as well as man-made wonders, such as Byzantine and Orthodox churches, which brilliantly display fine examples of religious frescos.


History Around Every Corner

Balanced on the cusp of three continents, and blessed with an ideal climate giving rise to numerous resources, Cyprus has long attracted nations aplenty seeking out greener grass and calmer shores. A confluence of cultures, historians have long traced the successive settlements of various civilisations in Cyprus, spanning Persian, Egyptian, Roman, Venetian, and more. The physical evidence and influence of these civilisations having once called Cyprus home are still prevalent today.

Abounding with archaeological attractions, Paphos is the ideal place to visit if you want to delve deeper into Cyprus’ history. A mere 15-minute drive from Pissouri Bay, Paphos affords the exploration of the Kouklia excavations, well-preserved mosaics, and engaging museums, to the Tombs of the Kings, and mythological sites associated with the Goddess Aphrodite. Exploring Paphos is akin to navigating through history and time, emerging into modern life refreshed.